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الورشة المصاحبة للملتقى 2009

  تقدم الجمعية  دورة مجانية لأعضاءها  حول استخدامات  البرمجية  أو الحزمة SPSS

Introduction to SPSS: 

Course Overview
The course covers basic statistical analysis and introduces many of the most popular statistical tests in both Parametric and Nonparametric statistics.
Duration 1 day (4 hours )
Target Audience
This course is designed for anyone who wants to know how to set up the analysis using SPSS as well as how to interpret the results. The audience should had attended the previous course "Introduction to Statistics ", or has a good knowledge about Statistics.
Condensed Course Content:
1- Introduction
Samples and the Population
Types of Statistical measures
Statistical Significance and Practical Importance
Data Entry using SPSS
Test of Normality
2- Describing and Comparing Groups of Categorical Data
A Basic Two-Way Table
Chi-Square Test of Independence
Requesting the Chi-Square Test
Association Measures Available within Cross tabs
Graphing Cross Tabulation Results
3- A) Mean Differences Between Groups I: Simple Case
Logic of Testing for Mean Differences
T Test
Displaying Mean Differences
B) Mean Differences Between Groups II: One Factor ANOVA
Testing for Mean Differences
Running One-Factor ANOVA
The Bad News - Homogeneity
Post Hoc Testing of Means
Graphing the Results
4- A) Bivariate Plots & Statistics
Scatter plots
B) Introduction to Regression
Introduction and Basic Concepts
The Regression Equation and Fit Measure
Simple Regression
Multiple Regression
Stepwise Regression